I spy

This afternoon I hiked through the Forest Glen Woods with Steve, Erika, and Hank. We paused briefly at one view of the river and saw this:

It’s impossible to see from the poor quality (iPhone) photo, but within our range of sight was, as best we could identify, a mule white-tailed deer, a pair of mallard ducks, a large turtle, and (just out of frame) a northern flicker woodpecker. All those creatures gathered in one little sylvan tableau, in a small preserve surrounded by city!

(UPDATE) Still difficult to make out, but I’ve circled (from left to right) the deer, ducks, and turtle.

(UPDATE 2) Steve has since identified the deer as a white-tailed deer and the woodpecker as a northern flicker. He identified the woodpecker by comparing the audio from the Live Photo to an Audobon recording. Naturalism in the digital age!

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