Preaching from the choir

On Thursday evening I went to the LaSalle Street Church sanctuary to record a sermon for this Sunday's streaming service. There's...a lot of emotion packed into that statement! It was my first time inside the church building since February 2020, and there are few religious spaces that mean as much to me as this sanctuary.… Continue reading Preaching from the choir

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A remarkable sight today: After walking the dog, we stopped on the porch with the front door open to practice a sit-stay command. He’s nearly mastered the skill inside, but for anxious dog who grew up in a neglectful home, maintaining the impulse-control and presence of mind that a sit-stay requires, in the midst of… Continue reading Transfiguration

Butler and Monet

I traveled: to the Art Institute of Chicago for the first time since COVID this afternoon, taking the day off work for my birthday. My time there confirmed how much my attention span has atrophied over the last year: I struggled to take in a painting for more than 15-20 seconds without losing interest. It's… Continue reading Butler and Monet


I'm starting a blog for three reasons: First, I want to build a front porch on the internet.* Here's how Austin Kleon described blogging in 2017: "It feels good to have a spot to think out loud in public where people aren’t spitting and s****ing all over the place." I want a place where I… Continue reading Hello!